She is a red Dapple longhair that carries for piebald, chocolate and cream.  She is a very active and fun loving girl!


She is a Black and tan smooth hair  that carries for piebald, chocolate and longhair.  She is very kind and sweet girl that has a great personality.  She is due to have puppies on June 26th so not much longer to wait waiting list ultra sound said five to seven puppies yeah!!

FEMALE #2 Sophie Belle

She is a Black and tan dapple piebald that carries for piebald, chocolate and dilute dapple.  She is a very playful  and sweet girl that loves to cuddle on your lap when shes done playing she is our newest breeding age female! she is breed to Teddy and is due in august 2020 expecting great colors of all long hair puppies!!

Female #4 Ellie Mae

This is our newest addition to our female family they are here clear from Alabama! She carries for dilutes and piebalds as well as obviously chocolate!!!!!

Female # 5 Ida Mae comming up female! She is a black and Tan Piebald Wire female that came to us from Diamond W dachshunds in Alabama!  We are so excited about this new addition to our family! She should carry for cream, red, and chocolate as well as piebald and wire!

WT's Winter Hazel Oh la la ML

Our newest addition to our family of girls will be this beauty!  She's a cream brindle longhair out of two top quality show dogs from Harleys dachshunds.  She will arrive on 2/23/22 from Vandelia Ohio.