Wagon Trail dachshunds are operated by a family where everyone helps out and socializes and plays with the puppies as well as taking care of the day to day care the dogs require.  I am a small mini dachshund breeder that has over 25 years of experience with the breed.  I breed only a few litters a year and they are socialized and well adjusted puppies when you receive them.  I do offer a two  year health guarantee as long as you keep your puppy on NuVet vitamins and lifes abundance food for those years of ther lives.  I truly believe in these products and that they give the dogs all the nutrients they need so I require that they be kept on the vitamins and lifes abundance dog food.  If you go to the nutrition page it will give you the information about the all life stages dog food I require and You can order these vitamins on the home page if you click on the picture of the vitamins or here on this page as well. We are located in Eastern Utah in a town Called Vernal, Utah. We have a small 5 acre ranch where we have the dogs along with horses, goats, bunnies, chickens, and cats. 

Some think that breeding is an easy thing to do but you should be very knowledgeable in the breed and know your own dogs very well.  This will help in you to tell when they are laboring, sick, or when they are just normal.  Catching an illness early can help your success for a good outcome if you just know what is going on with them by knowing them very well and interacting with them on a daily basis giving them love and the attention that they need. All of my adut dogs have been genetic tested for genetic problems and been found to be clear of all 218 different diseases that they test for including PRA.  Our dogs are our pets first and foremost and we love them very much.  Because of this, we like to offer good quality homes with a dachshund to love as much as we love ours.

We are currently building our dachshunds a new home that will be easily cleaned as well as heated and airconditioned where mom and babies will be before they come to your home.  It will come set up so that I have viewing cameras to watch everyone and a couch, chair, and sink for bathtime so that the dogs are used to an indoor environment.